The Tipi, simplicity personified.
Take 12 sticks, tie them together.
Wrap the canvas round, secure with more sticks and peg it down.
Hang the lining.
You now have a wonderful living space.
It stays cool in the summer, so having to leave the tent at some unearthly hour
when the sun is beating down is a thing of the past.
Light a fire, and you’ll be toasty and warm on the coldest of days.
 Graceful, beautiful, majestic, all words that I have heard used to describe the tipi.
There are probably many more too, and there is little wonder that they inspire such feelings in people.

Is there a better structure for living in? Or use on an occasional basis.

 The plains Indians of North America certainly seemed to have come up with the perfect design.

A tent you can have an open fire, with the problem of clearing the smoke
effectively, being taken care of.

Designed (or evolved?) hundreds of years ago, and little changed over the centuries,
apart from the use of modern fabrics.


Sioux Tipi’s - Fort Yeates - 1890                                              



Ever been to a festival and can’t find your tent at the end of a long day?
All the domes looking the same?

Buy a tipi, they’re easy to spot!
You’ll always find your way back.....




....But be prepared to entertain, as they will draw people like moths to a candle!