Our Tipis




Our tipis are available in 5 basic sizes
10, 12, 14, 16 and 18 foot.

Though we will do other sizes on request.

The tipi size relates roughly to the diameter of the tent, though being more oval than round they are longer front to back than side to side the size will be the average.
 The white canvas used is water, rot and fire proofed to BS7837.

Coloured canvas is available, though not in fire retardant or as high a quality as the white.
All the tipis come with a fitted lining, the bottom portion being of PVC, to help protect it from damp seeping up it from prolonged use.

Usually the lining will be all white, though colours can be used, as can be seen.
The poles are sourced locally from managed woods, and come to you stripped and sanded.

The price also includes, all rope, pegs, lacing pins, and everything needed to get your tipi up and usable.
All button holes are hand stitched with a heavy duty waxed braid, as I feel that this gives the best overall finish to the tipi.

I have seen some with brass eyelets, or lots of machine stitching. Which although it is infinitely quicker, detracts from the traditional feel of the tipi.
Reinforcement is added to the major stress areas.